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I have now moved the domain over to as i have just purchased a premium account, i’ll also be upgrading the look of the website so there is less scrolling needed to read previous posts! 🙂


Session 13 – 17th January – Back to training

Happy new year!

I have returned to training today for an hour, we focused primarily on qigong for the first half of the class and then did two variations of the pushing hands and finally i worked on my shuang yang and sanzhan forms. Normally i would do the full session of 2 and a half hours but given i haven’t trained in like 6 months i am easing my way back into the training. The next session is on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted!

Session 12

Hey All

Continued to work on the Sanzhan form yesterday in the 2 hour class, we also did at least 500 times one of the White Crane hand movements. My arms are killing me as i type this!.

I am looking to maybe post some videos soon to show my current progress. We are also having a seminar for Dog Style(DiShu Quan if i remember correctly) this weekend so i am very looking forward to that. Maybe i can even grab some photos from it!.



For May 12th:

We played abit of Jiangzi and then did a punch and grab/block drill and then some footwork. I am now getting to the point the Shuang Yang form is becoming abit more difficult in flexible movement!. But i continue to practise it nearly daily. I missed this weeks classes due to feeling unwell, but i will be at the next session on Tuesday. Which i also hope to have the uniform by then 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend!


White Crane Gung Fu – Session Six

Sorry for this late post.

We covered Footwork mostly in this session that is typically seen in the Suang Yang form that i am currently learning. I have also been practising more of this form on my own to progress further. It’s a long and difficult to master form. once i have mastered this form i’ll be able to move onto sanzhan (Sanchin).

We had also practised abit of Chi Gung in the begining part of the session. While i am skeptical of that aspect it seems good from a meditative/light warm up point of view.




Back to Training

Hello All

As the instructor had a week off and then i was occupied with something else last week. So i haven’t had a class in 2 weeks, so today will be my return to training. In the mean time i have been practicing the form i have been getting taught. I am guessing i am about 1/4 through this form now. The only difficulty has been my balance as i change my position and am standing on one leg!.

I’ll let you all know how today’s class goes!


White Crane Gung fu – Session Five

Lots of footwork Drills dependant on the knees in a bent position in today’s session. We did basic footwork with a twist, do each movement and do it as slowly as possible I’m a minute, and we repeated that basic movement about 4 times.

We also did a kind of pushing hands sensitivity training which reminded me of what we did in Chi Sau.

I also continued to work on my soft style form and its looking good. I may do a few videos when I’ve gotten further with it.

Night all !