Goju Ryu Karate

  • Goju Ryu Karate – Session 2

    My 2nd class was actually on the 12th and i forgot to wrote a post about it. So my recollection will be difficult now; i was away for week of the 16th. Essentially the class came down to the following: Body Conditioning; such as push ups and sit ups were prominantly done. we did two […] Read more

  • Goju Ryu Karate – Session 1

    Goju Ryu Karate – Session 1

    Finally got around to trying out Goju Ryu Karate – It was fantastic first experience all round. Excellent warm ups for the first half an hour or so. The hardest aspect overall for me personally was all the various types of kicks, not something i’ve done a great deal of in the past; which was […] Read more

  • New Year Resolution…

    Hello All – It’s been quite awhile since i’ve posted here! Starting the new year i will be exploring some new, some old MA styles for the next few weeks in January to see which hold my interest the most. I am currently considering the following: Escrima, Goju Ryu Karate and Wing Chun. I’ll keep […] Read more

  • Session 19 and 20 – Body Conditioning and San Zhan

    Many weeks overdue post on my latest training! So for Session 19 of the White Crane training we did a 2 hour session of Body Conditioning. We started with the soft aspects and then went into the hard aspects which was about tensing up as many muscles as possible as we did Tiger and Crane […] Read more

  • Tae Kwon Do Class

    Hello Everyone While my White Crane Instructor is off in China to train. I decided it was a good time to try a club that i could potentially visit in addition to my White Crane which would not conflict with the those classes or teachings. The Kwan(as they call it) was a good size for […] Read more

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