Session 19 and 20 – Body Conditioning and San Zhan

Many weeks overdue post on my latest training!

So for Session 19 of the White Crane training we did a 2 hour session of Body Conditioning.

We started with the soft aspects and then went into the hard aspects which was about tensing up as many muscles as possible as we did Tiger and Crane movements where we ended set where we tried to breath out as hard as possible , by that I mean with us out as much air as possible. When done correctly the sound it makes is quite particular.
After that we took a brief break we then did palm strikes to each others stomachs and then started bashing our arms against each other to condition them. This was obviously quite painful but no where as painful as when we did the same with our shins. We also did side kicks to the each leg (outside part).
From Memory, this is a list of what we did:
– Tiger stance wider than shoulder + breathing + tense all muscles
– White crane shoulder length + tense every muscle in body. Breath from dan tien.
– Crane hands twice then hands to waist open palm then strikes + comes back and clench sanzhan style.
– Arms up and then wide / crane coming down.
– Side kick to shins
– Arms up and down on both sides and then two high hits and then two lower hits . Humourous bones colliding.
– Pressing/Resisting with our hands(Wrist) + Then palm strike to stomach
– Hit each other’s arms using 1 arm to hit each side then swap hand to repeat.

And for Session 20 this was a workshop covering the Yong Chun White Crane San Zhan form. As mentioned for the previous session we warmed up doing Qigong movements for the first 10-15 minutes. We then proceeded to be shown each section of the form and for much of the remaining class we would repeat this form over and over and over and correct our minor errors. I have a video below of which is the form version we learnt and performed. I will update this Session 20 with more details tomorrow as i try to find the notes i took from the day.



Tae Kwon Do Class

Hello Everyone

While my White Crane Instructor is off in China to train. I decided it was a good time to try a club that i could potentially visit in addition to my White Crane which would not conflict with the those classes or teachings.

The Kwan(as they call it) was a good size for approximate 10 people and had much equipment. Unfortunately the night i visited the Grand Master was not teaching as i had been engaging with him on facebook for sometime. But one of his Black Belts was running the class, for attendees there was a Blue Belt (if i remember correctly). We did some light warm ups and stretches for the legs. He then (for my benefit) took me through the various types of kicks in Tae Kwon Do for the majority of the two and a half hour class. We finished the session with about 10 minutes of going through the first Tae Kwon Do form. It was not too difficult to follow, the most difficult part was the footwork which was not typical of the forms i was used to, the steps were much smaller and there were more turns.

Perhaps it is not to surprising but the most difficult kicks were where i would need to do a round house like kick or those where you needed to switch foot at the last minute. If the sound of my kicks were anything to go by i seemed to do pretty well for my first (formal) try of Tae Kwon Do.

I am not certain if i’ll continue visiting their Kwan or not but it was a worthwhile experience.