Goju Ryu Karate – Session 1

Finally got around to trying out Goju Ryu Karate – It was fantastic first experience all round.

Excellent warm ups for the first half an hour or so. The hardest aspect overall for me personally was all the various types of kicks, not something i’ve done a great deal of in the past; which was Wing Chun and White Crane.

Since it was their first class returning in the new year much of the focus was around the basics.

We did some basic Udekitae conditioning on our arms mainly (For those who don’t know, basically bashing our arms into eachother)

Some basic footwork and stance work…

Some blocking and punching techniques were shown to me in further depth by one of the Senseis in the class.

I’ll expand this post further tomorrow – But i shall continue learning the style next week onwards and keep you all posted 🙂







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