Tae Kwon Do Class

Hello Everyone

While my White Crane Instructor is off in China to train. I decided it was a good time to try a club that i could potentially visit in addition to my White Crane which would not conflict with the those classes or teachings.

The Kwan(as they call it) was a good size for approximate 10 people and had much equipment. Unfortunately the night i visited the Grand Master was not teaching as i had been engaging with him on facebook for sometime. But one of his Black Belts was running the class, for attendees there was a Blue Belt (if i remember correctly). We did some light warm ups and stretches for the legs. He then (for my benefit) took me through the various types of kicks in Tae Kwon Do for the majority of the two and a half hour class. We finished the session with about 10 minutes of going through the first Tae Kwon Do form. It was not too difficult to follow, the most difficult part was the footwork which was not typical of the forms i was used to, the steps were much smaller and there were more turns.

Perhaps it is not to surprising but the most difficult kicks were where i would need to do a round house like kick or those where you needed to switch foot at the last minute. If the sound of my kicks were anything to go by i seemed to do pretty well for my first (formal) try of Tae Kwon Do.

I am not certain if i’ll continue visiting their Kwan or not but it was a worthwhile experience.



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