Session 14 – 24th January

Hi everyone!

So today was predominantly focused on Qigong (Breathing, Stretching etc). I should mention that there is never any “ki/chi” talk , it is taught and used in the class as a form of meditation/light stretching and for that purpose it works very well, especially after a hard days work. Right after this warm up we then went on to practise our forms (as there are a couple of new beginners present) this is a nice way to start your journey in the martial arts. Forms are relatively basic with sufficient practise in and out of class, but the amount of information they contain are mind blowing as the months and years of practise go into them.

So in today’s class i continue to refresh my memory on the Shuang Yang form and a little bit of my Sanzhan form, and then we ended the this 1 hour session with qigong (described as Hard qigong by a student).  I will be away from the city for the latter half of this week and work will mean i’ll most likely be missing next weeks classes. But i will try to update previous posts on reviews i started working on, as well as a new review of the Documentary David Peterson and John Little have worked hard to make as a dedication to David’s teacher, Wong Shun Leung (Student of Ip Man and Teacher of Bruce Lee for at least 18 months before Bruce’s departure to America around the time he turned 18).

Have a good week all!








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