Ving Tsun Memories and Impressions

Just random thoughts below that i wanted to share with you all 🙂

My time with the Ving Tsun crowd in the South of England was amazing, the level of small detail that my instructors were able to go into over one movement or technique blew my mind away at the time when i compare it to my very first beginnings in Wan Kam Leung Ving Tsun which when i reflect on now, didn’t feel like it went into very much depth. I was never a fan of group classes in Ving Tsun, it’s difficult for an instructor to ensure the messaging/technique is being done correctly on the small details. Which could breed bad habits of course.

The skill level of the instructors is quite varied and the best instructors i found were very good at being discreet, so as to stay out of the politics or to attract unwanted attention. Interestingly the most skilled pracitioners i’ve seen in the UK had both had a background in Tai chi before they came to Ving Tsun, i felt there was a difference in their abilities when i compare to others who had only a Ving Tsun background (granted those people had less years experience), I would describe those guys with tai chi backgrounds to be experts in soft hard martial arts. Soft and flexible yet so strong, with the addition of their very high level knowledge on footwork it made them feel even stronger!. Seriously the kind of people you do not want to be hit by!

I haven’t done any form of “sparring” or any form of drill yet to try draw a “comparison” betweeen White Crane and Ving Tsun but when i do i’ll let you guys know!








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