My First Post

Just to give you a quick background about me. I have practised on and off Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) System since May 2011 but have not practised seriously since last year. But as i am living in Scotland now to be with my partner, i am unable to learn the Ving Tsun system as it is not available to me locally, i will continue to practise the elements i do remember which includes the Siu Nim Tao and the 1st section of the Cham Kiu form. At some point i will consider buying a Free Standing Wooden Dummy to help with retaining/retraining any knowledge of Ving Tsun that i recall or when it is available to me again some day.

So back to why i now have this blog, this site is intended to cover my Martial Arts “Journey” as practise it through potentially a number of different systems of Chinese, Korean and Japanese origin. I will not be trying any modern, ground fighting or MMA style systems at this time, i may consider this in the future when my “standing” proficiency is deemed sufficient enough.

So please expect to see my next post this week as i describe what i have observed or learnt from the sessions i attend.

I named the website “Gung Fu” because its original meaning refers to “discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice”.

Have a Great Day all!








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