Session 18 – Hello 2018!

I am back training in White Crane Kung fu! ,my return was delayed for various reasons like those explained late last year.

So today we started off with slow tai-chi like movement as a form of warm up and then proceeded to do some slow footwork that meant taking one foot and putting it behind us then rotating the whole body , repeating this process until we reached the other side of the room and then back again, to make things more difficult a point in the movement we had to do the body twisting motion where we got as low as possible to the ground and then bringing ourselves back up.

We then did some grappling techniques , grabbing the wrist with the hand opposite the punch and then turning the body to have the feet parallel, with that completed we then proceeded to push our elbow into the torso or towards the head as an elbow strike. the other variation of this was to proceed to turn the body after bringing the opposite foot forward and turned at a angle so we were then able to complete a full body turn while our own shoulder was pressed against their shoulder, destabilising them. the 3rd variation done before the full rotation destablising technique was to not just do an elbow strike but also use our opposite leg to press our foot against their kneecap to further destablise the opponent.


We then proceeded to do some forms for the remainder of the 1 hour class today. My knees were abit nackered given i have been out of training for quite awhile. But it was great to be back!.


End of 2017 is near..

Hello All

My back issues had persisted much longer than anticipated but i am for the most part on the mend. But unfortunately my Instructor has ceased classes for the Holidays while he recovers from Surgery. So when he returns i will continue the classes again in 2018, but as i write in my last post i’ll be trying out other Martial Art systems such as Hung Gar, TKD and Taichi.

I did in fact try a Hung Gar class before my back pain came back again and it was fantastic, the students and instructors were all focused, putting 100% into the class, with a strong emphasis on overall fitness and the basics of punches and kicks with Pads and such. There was even a little bit of forms work near the end of the 2 hours class. I did have asthma-like problem at the beginning of the class as it was a particularly cold night that day, which effected my chest. But it did not ruin the overall experience.

I was not expecting the Hung Gar to be as good as it was, especially the students. But i was really impressed with the quality being exhibited compared to various Wing Chun classes and seminars I’ve witnessed.

So i end this with hoping that you will all continue your own training into 2018. Have a great christmas and a new year 🙂


Session 17 – Shuang Yang & Sanzhan

I had notes from Session 17 so i thought i should document what i recall from the session back in April.

We focused again on the two forms Shuang Yang and Sanzhan as well as the hand pushing drills were covered prior to those. At the time i was doing the physically harder classes as i want to improve my overall physical fitness as some of the advance forms in white crane are quite demanding.

Hi Folks

Long time no post – Sorry everyone for this.  Life has been very very busy with Work, Wedding preparations and so forth.

So as soon as my back pain has gone away i will be getting back to training. This will not just be Bai Hi Quan (White Crane) but also i am looking into additional systems to study , this may either be Karate or Taekwondo. Tai Chi is also on the list for me to check out as there is a new instructor in the area.

It also looks like i have much work to do with the look of the site as well to think about.

I’ll be posting again soon guys 🙂


Session 15 – 9th Feb – My Gung fu Journey

Hi Folks

i did a one hour class today. We did more warm ups than usual as it was a particularly cold evening. We practised one of the Shuang yang techniques on some air shields today, we made good progress getting the movement synced up to deliver the strike sigh weight behind it. We then practised a similar move with 1 hand near the face for defence and the other an open palm (tan sau- looking) against the face to destabilise the opponent.

we then practised a form of our choosing. I focused on sanzhan. I got further than the 3 steps forward and 3 steps back.


ill polish up this post more tomorrow. Goodnight!



Session 14 – 24th January

Hi everyone!

So today was predominantly focused on Qigong (Breathing, Stretching etc). I should mention that there is never any “ki/chi” talk , it is taught and used in the class as a form of meditation/light stretching and for that purpose it works very well, especially after a hard days work. Right after this warm up we then went on to practise our forms (as there are a couple of new beginners present) this is a nice way to start your journey in the martial arts. Forms are relatively basic with sufficient practise in and out of class, but the amount of information they contain are mind blowing as the months and years of practise go into them.

So in today’s class i continue to refresh my memory on the Shuang Yang form and a little bit of my Sanzhan form, and then we ended the this 1 hour session with qigong (described as Hard qigong by a student).  I will be away from the city for the latter half of this week and work will mean i’ll most likely be missing next weeks classes. But i will try to update previous posts on reviews i started working on, as well as a new review of the Documentary David Peterson and John Little have worked hard to make as a dedication to David’s teacher, Wong Shun Leung (Student of Ip Man and Teacher of Bruce Lee for at least 18 months before Bruce’s departure to America around the time he turned 18).

Have a good week all!